Measuring the burden of herpes zoster disease in Costa Rica

Emmanouil Rampakakis, Carlos Alpizar, Angela Karellis, John S. Sampalis, Kelly Johnson, Homero A. Monsanto, Camilo J. Acosta


Background: Herpes zoster is a distressing illness that significantly reduces patients’ quality of life. However, Costa Rican data regarding the clinical burden of herpes zoster and associated health care resource utilization is limited. This study aimed to assess the zoster-associated burden evaluating pain, impact on quality of life and health care resource utilization in a Costa Rican sample.

Methods: Herpes zoster patients recruited in Costa Rica at a private geriatric practice were enrolled at various time points during a zoster episode and were actively followed over 6 months. Outcomes including zoster-associated pain, quality of life and health care resource utilization were assessed via patient self-reported questionnaires.

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